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New feature alert! Check out your all time stats at which is like year in review, but for all years!

If you're not a VIP yet, here's a live example you can check out.

More info and see what it looks like in this blog post.

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The Trakt website and API will be down for maintenance this Friday May 11 from 10am to 11am PST.

Update: all done!

The best ways to find TV shows and movies online

“The best ways to find TV shows and movies online” by CNET

We really like #2! Honorable mentions to #5 Stremio and #1 Reelgood with‬ both featuring integration 😀

Did you know your calendar can be fully customized?

Weekly and monthly views are available. Pick your favorite image layout including logos, poster, or even choose text only.

More info and examples:

2018 - Oscar Nominees, a list by Thiago A.

If you haven't watched all the 2018 The Academy Oscar Nominees, now is your chance! What are your early favorites?

How to build your collection – Blog

Your collection metadata is now displayed more clearly on the website and is easier to update. Choose the video format, resolution, and audio for all items you own. Sync metadata automatically from your media center or click the green "collect" button on the website to set these values.

Year in Review – Blog

We’re working on updates for your 2017 year in review. Stay tuned 😊

2018 - Golden Globe Nominees, a list by Thiago A.

Get ready for the 2018 Golden Globes by checking out all the nominees! How many have you watched?

You can add new lists right from the list popup. Just click the + and save your new list details. The list will be created with that item added to it. Very handy!

Check out other recent updates in the changelog too.

Sync with Reelgood – Blog

Our friends at Reelgood just added 2 way sync! They help you find where to stream content and now you can easily keep you data updated in both places.

KPMG U.S. API ftw!

You can sort your watchlist and personal lists by “random” order. This is helpful to quickly find new items to watch. Works when viewing your friends lists too!

KPMGVoice: The Great Rewrite - Forbes is featured in "The Great Rewrite", a collaboration between Forbes and KPMG on the changing media landscape. Check out the video and article with our co-founder Justin!

Don't Think Twice (2016) review by Andrew Phillips

Here’s a great example of a collaborative review on! A style guide is coming in the near future.

Game of Thrones 7x01


All about Anime – Blog

We’ve released some Anime specific updates for the site. Let us know what you think and if you have more ideas!

Timeline Photos

Year in review updated to graph the time of day you most watch TV & movies!

Calendar Notifications – Blog

Get notified when your favorite shows like Game of Thrones return with new episodes!

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VIP BETA: enable additional ratings from IMDB, RT, and Metacritic. Turn on at Advanced filtering also supports these additional ratings.

Reddit Top 250 (2017 Edition), a list by Phil

Check out the ‪Reddit Top 250 movies list! How many have you seen?

2017 Summer Shows, a list by Justin Nemeth

What summer TV shows are you most looking forward to? Let us know what should be added to this list!

Find where to watch TV & movies – Blog makes it easy to find where to watch TV shows and movies on over 300 streaming sources such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and iTunes. Check it out!

3 Million Members! – Blog

Wow, we just reached 3 million members on! Thank you all for the support over the years!

Website and API is back up. Things might be slow for a while until the servers catch up. Thanks for your patience!


We’re going down for maintenance in 30 minutes to upgrade some servers. We’ll let you know when everything is back up.

Apologies for the performance issues, we’re investigating and working on some fixes this week.

Timeline Photos

If you've been a VIP for 2 or more years, have you noticed your star badge?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Official Teaser


YouTube TV - Watch & DVR Live Sports, Shows & News

This is an exciting launch on multiple levels! I wonder if Trakt integration is possible? 🤔

Advanced Filtering

Advanced filtering is a great way to find where to watch TV & movies. It's especially useful when browsing your calendar to stream what aired last night.

How to build your collection

You can now easily track metadata for your collection using the website. When adding, you can specify the format, resolution, and audio. When viewing your collection, you can filter based on this metadata too. Get to work adding your sweet HD DVD collection :)

Calendar Notifications

Added 3 new global email digests for premieres, new shows, and dvd & blu-ray calendars.

Manage your watchlist & personal lists

New tutorial on how to manage your watchlist & personal lists. Learn how to quickly reorder your lists and items.

2017 - Oscar Nominees, a list by Thiago A.

How many 2017 The Academy #Oscars nominees have you seen?

Alexa, ask Trakt tv what’s on TV today?

Our Amazon Echo skill is now available in the US and UK!

iCal, RSS and CSV feeds

iCal and RSS feeds have been added to all your custom calendars and saved filters. This makes it super easy to customize exactly what you want to see and where you want to use it.

Year in Review

Have you checked out your 2016 year in review yet? It displays a bunch of stats and trends for everything you watched last year. Share your URL with your friends so they can take a look too :)

New Year's Eve (2011)

Happy New Year everyone!

Discover new TV shows & movies

Discover page updated with new lists (2017 Golden Globes nominees, Rotten Tomatoes best of 2016) and midseason TV shows. Check it out!

My Must-Have iOS Apps & Web Services, 2016 Edition

Shout out to Television Time and Infuse from Firecore!

Kyra for Trakt is a new app just released for iOS. We have 4 download codes to give away to the first 4 people who respond!

Update: all codes given away!


Check out the new version of Traktify in the app store, looking good!

Alexa, ask Trakt what's on TV today?

Our Amazon Echo skill is now available! Check out the article below for the install guide and to start interacting with your Trakt calendars hands free.

#alexa #amazon #echo

Calendar Notifications

Added new DVD & Blu-ray calendars. VIP members also get feeds and notifications for these new calendars.

60Hz Shutting Down

Huge thanks to the 60Hz App team! The first app powered by the API was TVQ (v1 of 60Hz) and we all had so much fun seeing that launch! We wish you guys well on all your future endeavors! (@trakt) | Twitter

We're currently working on some unscheduled database maintenance. It's in the backup phase, then we'll be restoring to a new server after that. At the mercy of how fast it can run this process. Thanks for your patience! We post more updates on too.

UPDATE: website and API back up and running!

Halloween Lists -

Check out the new halloween lists we just featured. Vampires, Sharks, Psychological Horror, and Witches!

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